Our Story – POISON

Our Story

POISON was concepted in the United States by Luz Herrera. POISON is for ALL Day, EVERY day, for EVERY body. JOIN POISON, to FEEL included in the POISON mission, to shape the way you live; to FEEL that warm welcome, to ride the journey with the brand, and never look back. Where you can be fit, strong, bold, individual, fun and independent yet supported, and part of a movement of like-minded people doing life, just like you.

POISON was born from the Strong experience that our founder had but this was the best gift to show the lifestyle trend of women wearing active wear all day, showcased an actual gap in the market, highlighting the need for fashion active wear, designs inspire for every woman to make than feel comfortable, free and true to themselves, curated seasonal colours, and considered silhouettes, styled and outfitted in a fashionable way.

The POISON philosophy is centered around quality design and construction, whilst offering fashion forward, comfortable and fashionable pieces, specifically designed to take you from the studio to street. The brand reflects a sense of strength in unity and community, encouraging women to find their passion and flair and celebrate an active way of life. POISON Active-streetwear for urban life, lived exclusive. Designed to perform, all day, every day.

Welcome to the POISON.